Lucifer Has A Catholic Friend!

July 5th, 2017

Makes the US gubmint look like choir boys!  The complete and utter corruption of the catholic church finally coming to light!

Our Gubmint Lies, Is Inept

April 7th, 2011

WTF!  I am so sick of these liars, millionaires all of them!  They fly off on their junkets with plenty of hookers.  Fuck ‘em!  We continue to tolerate this ridiculous shit, shame on us!  Dicks!  I bought in too, Obama is an epic failure, a political pussy.  Fuck this shit!

John Edwards Sucks – Is An Asshole, Liar

January 21st, 2010

So this piece of shit finally admitted he had a kid with a woman on his campaign.  Wow!  Shocker!  We all pretty much knew a long time ago, he finally admits it.  Calculated, now this scumbag millionaire fucking piece of shit is searching for news cameras in Haiti!  If there is a God, of whatever flavor, he will get his.  John Edwards is the poster boy for what is wrong with this country.  He can eat the shit straight out of my ass!

John, you are a pussy, a punk, a scumbag, I can’t wait until karma get’s your evil ass!

I Can’t Stop With The Unions

January 14th, 2010

So these motherfuckers, they made fucking junk for the last, um, 40, 50 years, and your and my money bailed them out, and now they are at the table for the healthcare debate?  Are you fucking serious?  Really?  The unions are probably run by organized crime syndicates.  Holy Shit!  I just should have dropped out of high school, made fucking junk cars (watched the robots make them) with a contract that gave me free healthcare for life…   Holy fuckin fuck!  I should have just checked the fuck out, forget getting ahead.  Ahead now is every fucking thing I ever need paid for because I quit school and made fucking junk.  OH MY!  UAW, fuck you and I will see you in hell.

Unions, Seriously?

January 14th, 2010

So I just read the fucking unions, yes them, have a voice in the healthcare debate, it is on   Seriously?  I would never wish it but fuck, if I dropped out of school and joined a union to watch a robot make a fucking junk american car for $78 per hour I get a voice?  Oh my god, seriously?  These gangster, mob, motherfuckers are at the table?  FUCK!  We are all done, finished, OH MY GOD.  Hoffa lives!  Think I am going to buy a big fast boat and do something profitable with it.  Obama?  Yep, I voted for him.  He has now been bought and paid for, mother fucker.  See you all in hell.

Fuck ‘Em

January 13th, 2010

I am a regular user of Google’s tools, so I am being screened/tracked by the NSA, CIA, etc. Well, Fuck ‘Em! This blog does not, nor will it ever, support violence in any form. We will not support destroying property or anything like that. I just want to fire these fukkers who run this country, is the dream of electing someone who does it because they give a shit dead? Hell No!

Hello world!

January 13th, 2010

I am sick and fuckin’ tired of being robbed by these liars we elect into office, this blog will document just some of how we are being fleeced.  I also hope to give you avenues to complain beyond the ballot box.